Engine Lifting Kit

This is the equipment that i bought to take the MGB engine and gearbox out. 1 ton folding crane 500kg … More

Which way to advance?

Was checking the timing which was slightly out on the MGB. Should be 10deg for strobe timing but based on … More

Timing cover oil leak

Think i may have found another oil leak that i hadn’t spotted whilst the engine was out. Oil was dripping … More

Poor quality gaskets

Unfortunately from a so called reputable supplier! Look at the hole locations…..none of them would line up together no matter … More

Folding the soft top

When folding the soft top i give the plastic windows a bit more protection against being damaged by rolling the … More

Remote Boot Opener

Been playing around with this for a while. Removed the latch from the car. Drilled a 4mm hole in the … More

Dating glass markings

Pre 1972/3 the main supplier of glass was Triplex after which mainly Sicursiv. Apparently the first digit under the name … More

mgb wiring diagrams

mgb.pdf A useful resource showing wiring diagrams across all the years of mgb manufacture.

More racing heritage

Looks like the hard top i bought recently has had some racing heritage. I found the top on eBay and … More