MG Part Suppliers

The MGB probably has one of the best classic car spare parts availability you can find. Just about every spare part is available new even complete bodyshells. Used parts are in abundance at the many autojumbles around the UK every year especially the big annual events.

The parts suppliers I have used quite regularly are listed below.

MGB Hive a well established supplier which I regularly use and can recommend

MGOC Spares another well established supplier which I have used many occasions – just wish they would give some discount to their members

Anglo Parts that managed to supply me a very rare gearbox part recently

Peter Edney MG Cars has a well stocked online parts store as well as many other services

Midland Sports and Classics have provided good parts to me

Leacy has a vast amount of stock

Moss a major supplier in all parts MG and others

Rimmer another major supplier

Brown and Gammon also a large supplier of parts

Also hard copies of parts lists:-

The MOSS Parts Catalogue

The MGOC Parts Catalogue