Day 64 – Fuel & Air

Fuel & air, both critical components in making the car work, and areas I’ve made some more progress on in … More

K&N Performance Air Filters

K&N say ……. K&N® washable, reusable High-Flow Air Filters™ feature a state-of-the-art design of layered, oiled cotton media, engineered to … More

MGB SU Fuel Pump Leak

I recently replaced the fuel pump and although i thought i had tightened the banjo fittings enough there was a … More

#MGB Carb Balancing

I had been running on a pair of early HIF4 carbs – AUD616 to test out the benefits of ported … More

#MGB Power Recipes

An excellent book that looks at many different options of power tuning the MGB with results backed up with dynomometer … More

Gunsons Colortune

My old Colortune kit come in handy again to set mixture on the carbs I have recently fitted. Had the … More

Checking Fuel Pump Flow

I recently suspected that the fuel pump was not working correctly as there was high speed clicking – guess about … More

SU carb needle id tag

There are so many different needles available for the SU carbs so just to remind me (and and future owner … More