MGB Gas Tanks | Bradley Restoration

Even after years of working on or beloved LBCs, you can still overlook something and get bitten in the rear…

A recent job involved bringing a long-stored car out of hibernation. The car had not been run in many, many years. We did the brakes, chased down some wiring issues, changed all the fluids, and replaced the crusty fuel pump with a new electronic SU.  The carbs were in fine shape.  We drained the fuel out of the tank, and while it was a bit stale, it was nowhere near as bad as I had expected

We filled the tank to the brim with water, to eliminate any chance of combustible vapor. Using a plasma cutter, I zipped the top of the tank off, to show how the inside of a B tank is constructed.
You can see on this original tank, the two baffles welded to the lower half of the tank, and the pickup tube on the right. The sending unit is frozen in place.

But there was a problem!…… read more about it at ……

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