Additional Rocker Lube Rail – part 3

Well being a bit disappointed with my first attempt i decided to have another go but positioning the rail to drip feed oil directly onto the valve head. See ……..

I found another length of brake pipe with a 3/8″ UNF nipple on it but had to straighten it. To remove any stresses from work hardening annealed the pipe. I did this by slowly running a blow torch along the pipe heating it to red heat as i moved along and allowing it to cool naturally.

I took the rocker cover off and removed the previous rail and reshaped the new line as per photos – a socket is ideal to bend the pipe gripped in a vice. Marked and drilled the 1mm diameter holes and fitted the pipe in position with a support bracket half way along the rail

Went for a run in the car and then removed the oil filler cap – this time plenty of oil around the end of the rocker over the valve. Whist driving there was no sign of burning oil / blue smoke from the exhaust after over run – same when i revved the engine on my drive.

So will see if there’s any difference in tappet noise – will probably double check the valve gaps after a couple more runs and check the new pipework all ok.


  1. Hi, Can you please give the year and month the MG owners club ran this in their mag, as I would like to read it!

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  2. Ok Thanks, found it now. Follow up question; the 3/8″ UNF union nuts mentioned, do I need to just use a standard length one and flare the end of the brake pipe and screw into place? Only the article refers to using a “length of brake pipe with a 3/8″ UNF nipple”, and now I am uncertain as to exactly what that is – the shape of the end of the pipe, or the end of the union nut? help!

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