Extra Rocker & Valve Lubrication – part 2

Following on from my previous post by John Howard …….. https://mgb.tips/2020/08/10/quieten-down-mgb-tappet-noise/

I made and added the mod to my motor – see pictures. The results were a bit different to what i expected. I went for a decent trying to get the engine well warmed up and when i got back i removed the oil filler cap whilst the engine was still running.

I could see the oil dripping from the new pipe onto the rocker oil hole ….. but the so called flicking of oil onto the valve stem was always missing by a long way. So not really sure of the benefit of this additional lube mod.

Although not advised by John Howard because when her first tried this mod out was on a worn engine that caused oil to be sucked in along the inlet valve guides making blue smoke on over run. I think i will make another pipe up going directly over the valve stems as I’m pretty sure my valve guides are not worn hence so making the engine less susceptible to burning oil.