Gunsons Eezibleed

My latest purchase arrived today ready to swop the clutch slave cylinder this coming week. It uses air pressure from … More

Plug in Endoscope

A really useful addition to my toolbox for not a lot of money but a long wait. The one l … More

Handy Angle

Over the last 2 years since owning my MG and done quite a lot of different jobs a length of … More

Leaf Spring Greaser

I inhereted the tool many years ago without initially realising what it was or did. This was the first time … More

Spark plug cleaner

I bought a pneumatic spark plug cleaner via eBay recently but initially not impressed with its performance. It seems quite … More

Gunsons Colortune

My old Colortune kit come in handy again to set mixture on the carbs I have recently fitted. Had the … More