Fuel Pump Test and Replacement

The last few drives i noticed that the engine has started stuttering a bit when accelerating. I had been planning for a while to refit the original carbs so seemed a good time to do it. But a test run afterwards it was just the same?

Fuel Pump Flow Test

The next suspect was the fuel pump which came with the car so not sure how old it was so i thought i would test the flow rate which should be about a pint a minute.

I disconnected a joint in the fuel line and fitted a longer length of fuel pipe leading into a poly plastic bottle, switched on the ignition and after 1 minute i don’t think i got even a quarter pint!! So problem (hopefully) found.

Replacement pump fitted

I had a spare pump that i had bought about a year ago as a standby – because from my minivan days i knew these pumps have a high risk of problems – so time to fit it.

Jacked up car, rear wheel off, disconnected fuel pipes, released pump and electrical connections from inside the boot and out it came. It’s no good trying to remove pipework by releasing the banjo fittings on the pump from under the car as you can’t get any leverage. Best the take the pump out with the pipework – and replace it with the pipework. The banjo fittings need to be good and tight needing the help of a vice.

The old pump

As soon as i looked at the old pump i could see that the seals had been broken and the sealing tape around the body and cap had been removed at sometime in the past. I suspect that the pump may have been a problem in the past so definitely needed replacing.