DIY/How-To: Wrinkle texture paint – Build Threads

Wrinkled Rocker

Wrinkle finish, texture finish, wrinkle coat, hammer finish, crinkle finish, whatever you want to call it, it’s a fickle creature. Desired by many, but frustrating to get it right. Personally I’ve had very poor results with this stuff over the years, often finding myself disappointed when my newly painted part doesn’t even come close to emulating the OEM finish I desire.

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When it comes to the MGB dashboard the best results for many is to get an expert to do it for you. By the time you’ve bought the expensive paint sprayed it, rubbed out down again, bought some more expensive paint and repainted it – you may as well have paid the £80 for a ready made dash!! ………. food for thought.

Wrinkled Dash

The results if you don’t get it right are literally “in your face” all the time you’re in the car …… so it needs to be good.

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Alternatively add a wood effect dash! See ……….