MGB Walnut Dash?

My MGB was fitted with this wood effect dash which i think looks quite good. It was fitted when it was refurbed back in 1996 according to some paperwork i have but was removed 2 owners back as he said was looking a bit “tatty”.

There are 2 types of these wood effect dash’s one that is self adhesive and made from flexible wood effect plastic and the other is a thin wood veneer that you have to drill and screw into the dash. I spoke to the owner of an MGB at a show about his which was the self adhesive type – he said it was easy to fit as you don’t need to remove any of the knobs, dials or switches where as the veneer facing is a bit more tricky.

I guess if your original dash is looking a bit tired then this is a good option to hide it. The cost is similar to a new dash – but a lot easier to fit.

The guy i bought my car from had a new dash fitted as he didn’t like all the screw holes left as a result of his previous owner having removed the veneer dash. Although the wood effect dash looks nice it seems a shame to cover up a perfectly good newish crinkle dash ………. at the moment!

I think you can get the plastic self adhesive dash’s for all years apart from 1975-6 which due to a slightly different dash design on the early rubber bumper cars. The only option for this year I’ve seen is the screw on wood dash – which is probably why it was one of those that was fitted to my MG.