Relocating Bump Stops on MGB Lowered Suspension

A previous owner lowered the suspension on my MGB when he converted it to chrome bumpers ….. but he didn’t reposition the front bump stops on the front suspension.
I had noticed for a while that the car seemed to bottom easily on the front suspension going over humps and bumps… not till I read somebody’s post on a forum that I realised the possible cause.

According to the info i read that basically it’s a matter of just removing the bump stop and refitting with the spacers on the upper fixings rather than the bottom fixings.

Actually it’s not quite as simple as that.

The aluminium spacer hole centres are not correct for its new position so I bought some individual spacers that did the job.

Also the bracket does not fit well in it’s new position without a little bending. Once bent enough to get the bolts through the holes then tightening the bolts pull the bracket into shape.

Whilst I had the front up on axle stands I greased the 3 grease nipples on each of the front hubs

Job done and back on the road……just need to check things out on some speed bumps!!

You also need to replace the rear axle straps for lowered suspension see