Fuel tank removal

Following on from finding and cleaning a stainless steel fuel tank at …… https://mgb.tips/2020/11/07/stainless-steel-fuel-tank/

The removal of the old fuel tank which I think has not been moved since leaving the factory was a pretty tricky job. The tank is held in place with captive studs hanging from the boot floor and clips that fit to tank with screws through the boot floor. Removing the nuts from the captive nuts after applying plus gas was ok but there was no way the nuts in the clips were going to give way ….. so out came the angle grinder.

I took the top of the bolts off from inside the boot so the remaining part of the fastening just dropped through. Although I had covered everything prior to starting with the angle grinder but once I got going I wondered if it was such a good idea with sparks flying all over the place so near to a petrol tank. I had drained the tank of as much fuel as poss but there was still some in there ….. but I left the filler pipe and cap in situ so should be ok.

Anyway job done and tank out. It had definitely been out before as whoever had installed it had cut up an old car mat to use as padding between the top of the tank and the boot floor. The tank itself wasn’t in bad condition so might have a go at selling it. The boot floor was in good condition and just needs a bit of touching up.

Earlier this year I fitted new washers in the back diff but there was still a bit of clonk at times …… https://mgb.tips/category/projects/differential-clonk/

So whilst the tank is out I will fit some oversize brass washers to replace the standard fibre washers seeing as access to the diff cover is so much better whilst the fuel tank is out.