#MGB Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

I have just replaced the clutch slave cylinder as i suspected it may have been the cause of a sort of whistling noise that i occasionally heard that stopped when i put my foot on the clutch.

I bought the new slave cylinder and an eezibleed kit as i had heard that bleeding the clutch system can be tricky.

See my Gunsons Eezibleed …….. https://mgb.tips/2020/05/16/gunsons-eezibleed/

The swop itself was quite straight forward the tricky bit was the bleeding which would have been more difficult without the eezibleed.

There was no doubt that the old unit was leaking and the bore was corroded and scored so definitely needed replacing.

The brake fluid absorbs water from the air and perhaps should have been replaced every 2 years as per schedule.

Bleeding the clutch was the tricky bit. I bled the system as normal which was easy with the eezibleed forcing the fluid through but the clutch did not work!

I bled it again but this time i pumped the slave cylinder push rod in and out by hand at the same time as the brake fluid was flowing fast out the bleed valve and a lot of air was expelled. This time it worked and the clutch was operating as normal again. Without the eezibleed i would have needed an extra pair of hands to do the same job.

Anyway after a good 50 mile drive yesterday to Belvoir Castle and back the “whistling” noise seems to have gone.

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