Stainless Steel Fuel Tank

Spotted a stainless steel fuel tank for sale on eBay – it looked pretty ropey as it was covered in underseal for some reason.

I had always suspected that i may have a bit off a leak in the tank as i get the occasional whiff of petrol from around the back of the car. Tanks are susceptable to corrosion on the top where water and debris can collect and corrode the tank.

Anyway i won the item and collected it – about half an hours run each way. First job was to remove the underseal which fortunately was quite hard and brittle and came off quite easily with a cheap paint scraper.

…….. and then a rub down with a rough grade of wet and dry.

I sealed off the filler pipe with a latex glove and connected a plastic pipe to the fuel outlet and blew into the tank to inflate the glove and then sealed the outlet. The glove remained inflated so happy there are no leaks. I then measured the resistance across the tank level sender and tipping the tank upside down which gave readings that seemed to match figures i found online.

So overall i am quite pleased with the results ………. next job to fit it.

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