MGB SU Fuel Pump Leak

I recently replaced the fuel pump and although i thought i had tightened the banjo fittings enough there was a slight seepage i could see after i had done a test run…. even though i had fitted new sealing washers!

Got the car jacked up and rear wheel off and tried to get a couple of spanners onto the banjo nut and fixing but no way i could get enough torque / leverage on it – the whole pump was moving. So slackened off pipe connections and released the pump body from inside the boot and removed pump and pipes together.

Carefully held the pump in a vice with minimum pressure really just to support it without crushing the main body whilst i got 2 spanners around the banjo and it’s base fixing and really tightened it up. Could have done with a 3rd hand to stop the banjo turning as i tightened it up – but got there in the end. Put all back together and leak sorted.

Moral of the story is don’t try to tighten the SU fuel pump banjo fittings whilst on the car – it’s easier to remove the pump with pipework.