Checking Fuel Pump Flow

I recently suspected that the fuel pump was not working correctly as there was high speed clicking – guess about 10/sec even after a decent run and at least half a tank of fuel. Disconnected tank outlet pipe and connected a length of fuel hose and blew into the tank and could hear bubbles and immediately a flow of fuel from pipe that took me by surprise but then I realised that my blowing had slightly pressurised the tank which forced a flow of fuel. So I reckon that confirms no holes in the tank.

Reconnected pipework and went for another run and on return disconnected pipe from filter in engine bay and placed the end in a marked jar. Switched on ignition and after a delay of about 10secs fuel started to flow? Once flowing I timed 30 secs and switched off. Less than 1/4 pint in the jar!!

So I reckon new fuel pump required.

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