Anti roll bar stiffness comparisons

The standard anti roll bar is 5/8” dia – a previous owner has fitted a 7/8” bar replacing the original. The chart shows that the thicker bar makes the front suspension over 4 times stuffed.

I assume this was fitted when the car was used for racing (or track days) which would improve cornering but making the suspension harder at the same time.

The car also was fitted with a rear anti roll bar as well but been removed prior to the car coming to me. I have read that when a 7/8” bar is fitted to the front then a rear bar should be removed as it then impairs the handling.

The RB cars were fitted with the rear bar to compensate for the higher suspension – my mgb has been lowered as part of the CB conversion so does not now require the rear bar.

Will leave as is for the time being and see how i get on.