Cleaning the K&N Air Filters on an MGB

Cleaned K&N Filters back on Engine

The K&N filters came already fitted to my MG so i do not know how old or how many miles they have done – but they looked pretty dirty.

The cleaning kit

The kit contains a solvent to clean the filters and oil to apply to the filters plus easy to read instructions.

Waiting to be cleaned
Solvent on and soaking

The solvent is sprayed on, left for 10 minutes then washed off with water which was very discoloured and a lot of muck seemed to have been removed – and then left to dry.

Drying after wash

When thoroughly dry the “red” oil is applied which wicks across the filter. The filters are then left standing for a while for any surplus oil to drain away.

Oil applied and left to drain off surplus

The process is quite straight forward with easy to follow instructions. I also watched a YouTube video before starting the job as well. I reckon i used about half the contents of solvent and oil to do both filters so should be enough left to do the process again with another pair of filters.

Find a selection of videos at …..

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