Knocks and Noises – Handbrake Cable Clip

I’ve had an annoying knocking / tapping type noise for a long time now when hitting bumps and ridges in the road. It sounded like it was coming from the boot but after emptying the boot and driving over a few bumps it was still there.

Whilst the back of the car was jacked up for another job i noticed that the p-clip that fastened the handbrake cable under the battery box had a lot of slop in it and when i waggled it about produced a similar noise / knock that i had been hearing and searching for.

So a simple cable tie to secure the cable within the p-clip was applied and later when i went for a drive that particular knock had gone ….. at last.

That left one other type of noise – a heavy bang if i hit a pot hole – to track down.

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  1. I get the heavy bang if I hit a pot hole as well. I think it is from the front.


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