#MGB Power Recipes

An excellent book that looks at many different options of power tuning the MGB with results backed up with dynomometer rolling road bhp readings.
Having now read the book one of the tuning combinations i was particularly interested in because it was very close to what a previous owner had done to the engine in my MGB.

Standard engine with 1.57 inlet valves gives

43bhp @ 3000rpm

My standard engine with 1.57 inlet valves

+ diy polished head

+ lead free

+ 9.5 compression ratio (as a result of +40thou rebore and 55thou head skim

+ K&N filters gives

52bhp @ 3000rpm

That’s a 21% increase in power within a power range of 3000rpm which is 60/65mph – not a bad improvement!

The book contains many other combinations of tuning your MGB from diy mods through to major engine rebuilds.

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