my MGB … a brief history

The car left the MG factory in Abingdon on 6th May 1975 in Flamenco Red and despatched to Macrae & Dick in Inverness where it had to wait till 1st Feb 1976 before it was registered as LST 74P to its first owner.

After 2 other owners it eventually found its way to Sheffield in 1987. It must have been in a pretty sorry state after covering the best part of 100,000 miles by 1996 when that owner had a full restoration carried out by Steve McKie in Chesterfield. It had new wings front and back, new sills, new leather seats, new hood and carpets. 

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I suspect that it was this time that the engine was substantially tuned with stage 3 head (1.73″ inlet & 1.44″ exhaust valves) and duplex timing chain, 40thou rebore and high lift cam – probably giving the car another 20 – 30 bhp. Also a Ron Hopkinson suspension kit comprising 7/8″ front antiroll bar (still fitted) and a rear antiroll bar (since removed). It was also resprayed to MGB Flame Red only the areas hidden by the rubber bumpers, dashboard and carpets remain in its original Flamenco Red.

In 1999 at 110,000 miles the car was sold to an owner in Birmingham where after a year later with an additional 35,000 miles on the clock landed up at an auction where a Mr R from Peterborough bought it. I am sure that the car could not have covered that distance in such a short period and suspect a speedo change – or it was clocked to show 45,000 miles? After 3 years of his ownership the car the car was sorned – due to illness – till 2011 during which time it was garaged and apparently regularly polished when it was sold after failing an MOT to a garage. They repaired a badly leaking brake master cylinder (paintwork scars can still be seen in the engine bay and under the dash) and some corrosion around the battery tray and sold it on.

MGCC Oulton Park Racing
A Mr L of Spilsby bought the car and sorned it for his entire ownership of 3 years whlst covering over 1500 miles. I suspect that this may have been a period when it was raced or used for track days (possibly sprint or hill climb events). It may have been this period during which the car was tuned instead of 1996?

Pre Chrome Bumper Conversion

Early 2014 the car was sold to an owner in Skegness then about 18 months later to a Mr P near Nottingham with about 52,000 miles showing on the clock. His main reason for buying it was the good solid bodywork free of any major rust but he found the car difficult to drive. On lifting the cylinder head found that it was highly tuned and also fited with a Kent high lift cam. He replaced the head, free flow exhaust and cam with standard parts after which it drove well on the road. He also converted the car to Chrome Bumper (as per a previous MGB he had owned) and fitted new 185/65×15 minilite wheels and tyres. He also removed the walnut dash He sold it after 8 months and spending nearly £1500 (mainly parts) on the car due to some personal commitment to a Mr S of Ilkeston.

Rubber bumper to Chrome bumper MGB conversion

Mr S only owned the car for about 18 months during which time had it rewired, new dash, steering rack, track rod ends, electronic ignition (Lumenition Magnetronic) and quite a lot of other items totalling over £3000 at AR Griffiths (MG Approved Garage) of Derby.

I am the 14th owner and bought the car with 53,000 miles showing on the clock in December 2017. Initially the car missed quite badly on tickover that turned out to be a badly fitted butterfly valve in one of the carbs, a lot of tidying up under the bonnet, paintwork and interior. Recently engine out to fit new selectors in the gearbox to cure a very sloppy gear shift (most likely as a result of it previous race history) and replace gaskets on the engine to cure bad oil leaks.

I have covered about 800 miles in two years going to shows and days out and looking forward to covering more mileage in coming years.


Current Spec:-

  • chrome bumper conversion
  • suspension lowering kits back and front
  • minilite 15″ alloy wheels
  • 185/65×15 Yokohama tyres
  • stainless steel exhaust
  • leather seats
  • uprated front antiroll bar 7/8″
  • bored +40thou = 1850cc
  • unleaded cylinder head skimmed 55thou
  • alloy rocker cover
  • K&N air filters + AAA SU needles
  • duplex timing chain
  • fully carpeted boot
  • lumenition magnetronic electronic ignition
  • repro period radio/cassette
  • recoil seat belts
  • half tonneau + sticks
  • full tonneau
  • works hard top
  • sunvisors optional extra
  • map pocket optional extra
  • mud flaps

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