Timing cover oil leak

Think i may have found another oil leak that i hadn’t spotted whilst the engine was out. Oil was dripping down onto the front cross member from under the crankshaft pulley after a run.

Didn’t take long to get the cover off as only just been put together. On close observation i thought the oil seal recess seemed to be a bit “cock eyed” and some measuring as per the pic confirmed it was quite a bit out. The surface of the cover was concaved in as if at some time in the past it had been pushed in – so out with the rubber mallet to re shape it until the oil seal was on plane with the cover mating flange.

To be certain i am replacing the cover gasket – which previous one looked a bit strange (see photo) and new oil seal as well – see previous post about both.

Did a test run after all re assembled and no oil leaks which is good news – bad news is that at approaching 70mph the car seems to have developed quite a bad wheel wobble!!