Raceland Wind Deflector / Windblocker on the MGB

Fitted the Raceland Wind Deflector that I got from eBay. Quite a straight forward fit – just a matter of slacking off the 3 hood support screws on each side removing two of the screws one at a time to slide in the deflector brackets and then ‘re tightening the screws.

The deflector is attached to the brackets by a couple of screwed knobs.It does not stop the wind buffeting completely but it greatly reduces it to such a point that I don’t think I’m going to lose my cap.I might modify it over winter to raise it’s height by about an inch which I think will improve its effectiveness.This is a link to the Raceland website at https://racelandeurope.com/collections/mg/products/mg-mgb-windscreen

I have read that the brackets can be easily modified to fold down behind the seat. I shall have to have a go.

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