LED / Halogen Headlights Comparison

Having received a set of LED headlights from China I tested one of the bulbs in just one headlight so I could compare the light pattern of the led and original halogen bulbs.

Aftermarket LED bulbs do not have a good reputation. They are bright but due to the way they are designed give a poor light pattern and dazzle oncoming drivers.
These were supposed to be different by having separate light sources for dip and high beam and having these light sources in exactly the same position as on the standard halogen light bulb.

There were 3 types of light to pick from. Warm White @ 3000k, a pure white at 6500k and an in between at 4500k.

I went for the 3000k which is supposed to emulate a standard filament bulb as fitted originally to classic cars.

I took a video of the light pattern test. The RH bulb was the new LED.
I thought the light pattern between dip and full was good although the 2 headlights needed to be adjusted to make them level. The angle of the dip pattern is adjustable and perhaps needs to be angled a bit more down on the right.

Although a pretty crude test I was generally pleased with the results. It was certainly noticeable that the speed of the bulb to light up was a lot quicker with the LED bulb.
The only down side was the light colour – although brighter it was too yellow, a lot more yellow than the video looks.
I have reordered a 4500k pair of bulbs.

See what happened when they arrived …….. https://mgb.tips/2020/03/18/led-bulbs-fitted/


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