LED Bulbs fitted

The correct 4500k bulbs arrived and so i got them fitted to check the light colour which was perfect. The previous 3000k were too yellow but would suit a vintage type car rather than a 70s classic.
I’ve been aware for a while the the halogen headlamps are not exactly the right type for the MGB because originally they were sealed beam which have been replaced by halogen units by a PO.

The side light bulb should be mounted on an angled mount to prevent the sidelight terminals interfering with the inner bowl which they had been. Although i had stuck some insulation tape inn that area of the bowl I was concerned that this in time may have caused a short circuit blowing a fuse so i removed the inner bowl and marked out where to cut an opening to clear the terminals. When done I put some rubber surround around the sharp edges of the newly cut shape as well.

You will also note from the photo that I have put some insulation around the headlight bulb plug. On the wiring loom the back of the terminals protrude quite a bit beyond the plastic cover – another potential source for a short circuit. I cut a short length of an old bicycle inner tube that I keep I my garage to cover the protruding terminals. That inner tube comes has come in very handy for jobs like that as well as an old car inner tube i have.

Altogether a neat job done and pleased with the results.

The proof was in a test drive at night which I immediately realised they were a lot brighter than the halogen but the beam was not right. Got home took the headlight surrounds off and used the garage doors to adjust the beam settings. A second drive was good and the dip seemed to be pointing down and to the left and full beam really lit up the road ahead.