Rocker Cover & Air Filter Refurb

Another eBay job lot of some poorly painted parts that i thought i would have a go at tidying up.

Started with removing all the crap paint. It must have been pretty old paint and it came off quite easy as it was very brittle using a flat chisel held at 90deg to the surface. A good rub down with some medium grade wet and dry got them ready to paint.

A fine warm day and so i thought a good day to paint – there was no wind so best outside. I had bought some black enamel spray ready. I used enamel as no primer is required and it is more hard wearing, ideal for an engine compartment. Also enamel is not so temperature dependant as normal car body spray – you get a good gloss even on pretty cold days.

I did the inside of the air filters first with one coat then 2 coats on all the visible surfaces.

The paint dries very quickly and i am very pleased with the results, especially the rocker cover that looked just like new.

I shall leave them a few days and then wrap and pack them up well for a future date when i might decide to fit (or sell) them.