#MGB Windblocker Height Adjustment

The new raised height of the windblocker

I bought the windblocker last year and used it several times and pleased with the results …… but I thought it would be more effective if it were just a little bit taller which also would just make it clear the seat belts as well.

I cut 2 lengths from a piece of 15mm aluminium tube, drilled and shaped it as per the photos below to suit each end of the windblocker mounting holes. This raised the height by just over an inch.

The adapter pieces fitted well and could easily be made to increase the height further by increasing the distance between the 2 holes ….. but will see how i get on with this height setting to start off with.

I eventually got a better fit than this by bending the tube a little bit more towards the frame.

I have now driven several times since making this mod and i reckon there is an improvement – nothing major …. but it now clears the seat belt which is good. It also still fits under the soft top.

See my blog about Raceland at ……. https://mgb.tips/?s=Windblocker