Replacement Clutch Master Cylinder

A squeak that pulsed with the revs of the engine restarted recently. I thought i had fixed it thinking it was the thrust bearing locating lugs running dry. See my previous post at …..


Whilst the engine was running i listened under the car and tried to pull back the clutch lever to release pressure on the thrust bearing to see if the noise stopped – but it was solid! Usually this lever would move by pushing back fluid into the slave cylinder back through the pipework to the master cylinder …… but nothing was happening. There was still a lot of pressure pushing onto the thrust bearing so I’m now thinking that there is something wrong with the master cylinder not releasing pressure when the clutch pedal is released.

Ordered the part from MG BeeHive. The reservoir is quite a bit smaller than the previous but so long as it does the job (it’s actually about the same size as the original metal type). Fitting was a straight forward job but fiddly especially having to work from behind the dash through a small removed access cover to disconnect and re-attach the pipe union to the back of the master cylinder.

Then the dreaded bleeding of the clutch hydraulics. I used my eezi- bleed which did the job – being careful this time not to start dismantling it whilst still pressurised!!!!! …… and have brake fluid all over the place!


The main difference i can tell straight away is that when my foot is off the clutch pedal the clutch actuating lever is slack with only a light pressure on the thrust bearing.

Hopefully problem solved.