Oiling Clutch Thrust Bearing Pivots in Situ

I was getting a like whistling / squeaking sound coming from the clutch when the engine had warmed up but as soon as i put the clutch down the noise went. Would have thought that if it was anything serious like a thrust bearing problem then that would tend to make a noise when the clutch was depressed. I couldn’t think what else could be moving about when the clutch was not pressed down – the only thing with some slack in it that could be loose would be the thrust bearing.

A picture of another gearbox showing the thrust bearing pivots

The noise sounded like something needed a drop of oil and the only thing i could think of was the pivot bushes supporting the thrust bearing (circled in yellow on the photo). I could remember when i had the engine out last year and replaced the clutch the clips that locate the thrust bearing seemed pretty tight and i can’t remember if i used any grease on them – whether you are supposed to or not? I’m pretty sure i left them dry.

I thought that i need to eliminate this as a possibility before i start thinking too much about taking the engine out again.

I put the front of the car on ramps released the slave cylinder from the bell housing and let it hang, removed the rubber collar around the clutch lever to get as much access into the clutch area as possible.

Looking into the clutch housing

With a torch i could see the pivots inside the bell housing but it was very tight in there.

Pump type oil can with the vac advance pipe attached

I used a spare vac advance pipe put onto the end of the oil can which made a flexible and targetable oil spout. Then with careful positioning i was able to apply some oil onto the pivot bushes.

I guided the end of the tube onto the pivot bushes

So after what seemed like the diy car mechanics version of keyhole surgery!! ….. all went back together OK. Did the job middle of June and now after a couple of decent runs – so far so good.