The Green Spark Plug Co

The Green Spark Plug Co. specialises in spark plugs & accessories for veteran, vintage and classic engines. Whether it is for cars, motorcycles, lorries, motorboats, tractors, stationary engines, boats, agriculture equipment or even lawn mowers.

We also stock ignition and auto electrical products under wiring, battery, fuel, lighting, switches, dynamos and starers, oil and fluids, motorsport, transmission and tools.

These include spark plug caps, spark plug tools, accessories, condensers, contact sets, rotor arms, distributor caps, ignition coils, electronic ignition, iridium spark plugs, performance spark plugs, HT lead, glow plugs, battery cables, leads & straps, fuel pumps, auto electrical items, racing plugs and even have a section for rare and collectors plugs. If you have any questions related to spark plugs or other auto electrical products, please do get in touch. We have a dedicated team of experts on hand ready to answer your queries.

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