New Arrival

31st December 2017 bought the motor from a local guy. Couldn’t really stretch to an older chrome bumper model that was in good condition so went to have a look at a rubber bumper conversion – just out of interest.
Good solid condition and a professional looking conversion – so bought it!

The guy i bought it from had spent over £3k at garages over his 2 years of ownership for a new wiring loom, new dash, new steering rack, track rod ends, electronic ignition and inertia seat belts.

Previous owner spent over £2k on parts for the chrome bumper conversion, lowering kit, alloy 15” minlite wheels and tyres – plus many other bits. See his ad and picture that was on eBay.

What i paid didn’t cover the cost of what the 2 previous owners spent on the car (got receipts and a lot of history as well) – main thing is that it is a good and solid car, no rust and reasonably decent paint work.

So hopefully a car I can play with that has plenty of scope for tweaking and improving.