What colour is my MGB?

Although the paint work on the car is in pretty good shape there are a few little problems that need sorting.

When the extenders were fitted below the rear indicators as part of the chrome bumper conversion they were not blended in too well to match surrounding paint work – see the picture.

The tricky part was getting the right colour, on the Heritage Certificate it states the car left the factory as Flamenco Red which i bought a tin of spray and a touch up – quite expensive. After finishing around the first indicator i soon realised it was not the right colour!!

Next attempt was MGB Flame Red – better but still not right.

Next was Flame Red (89) – still not right!

Beginning to get a bit frustrated then i thought that if in 1996 when the car was restored (according to some papers that came with the car) and you told the painters you want Flame Red they would no doubt use the Flame Red of the time – which was the then ROVER Flame Red.

I got some of that and that was the one – at last.
Now I can start on some of the bodywork jobs.

The notes in the picture above are my notes of the different “flame reds” from Rover/MG during the lifespan of the MGB.

(picture below taken at Belvoir Castle Classic Car Show 2018)