Rubber bumper to Chrome bumper MGB conversion

A previous owner (GP of Hucknall, Nottinghamshire) converted the car in 2015 to chrome bumper. He used the proper kit from MGBhive as well as the lowering kit together with new wheels and tyres he must have spent quite a bit during his short ownership but did a good job.

There’s a lot more involved than just swopping bumpers which includes modifying the body work around the front and rear indicators including the wiring, removing rubber bumper supports – but certainly looks the part.

To me it’s all part of a classic car of over 40+ years rich tapestry of history of what each owner wants and does with their car. I have managed to trace back 20 years ago far and contacted 7 of the 14 former owners. One owner sorned and just polished it for 7 years, another converted it and tuned it for racing, another detuned it for road use, another converted it to CB. Everyone has there own ideas and needs for their car – again it all adds to making an interesting history of the car. Who knows what any future owner might do to our cars – someone may even convert it back to RB spec! – hopefully our pride and joys will be around for a long time to come.