Tonneau cover stretching

I couldn’t get the tonneau cover to fit when i tried earlier this year – it had been in storage many years – but now the weather has warmed up i have taken the opportunity for a second attempt and to give it a warm up and stretch.

First i left the cover stretched out in the sun for a good half hour.

Then unzipped all the zips and fastened the cover into position and slowly zipped up the zips.

All went well – it was very tight but stayed in position.

After an hour or so i wrapped a brick in a blanket and positioned it in the centre of the cover. This gave a bit more stretch.

By evening time it had stretched quite a bit in the warm sun. I put the car in the garage with tonneau and brick still in place and left it over night.

It was still pulling very tight onto the centre peg under the windscreen so i made a hook and loop to set it back about an inch.

Since then it seems to be ok 🤞.