MGB High Capacity Oil Cooler

I have managed to find a radiator duct BHH1622 which is a panel mounted beneath the car that guides air through the oil cooler from the openings in the front valance and then towards the radiator.

On trial fitting it i could not get it to mate up with the chassis fixing holes – there was a 2” gap no matter how i juggled it around.

I was about to contact the supplier but thought i would give it one last try which is when i realised that the oil cooler seemed to be protruding down from it’s fixing point a lot more than it should

On closer inspection i realised that the cooler although standard was mounted on a special holder to take the larger / deeper high capacity cooler. You can see from one of the pics that there is about an inch gap between the top of the cooler and the chassis – that should not be there.

This was obviously another remnant from the days when the car was used for racing.

So I’m going to have to remount the oil cooler on it’s original fittings and then retry the air duct and hopefully the air duct will fit ok …….another item to put on the job list!! Will be able to give the oil cooler a good clean up at the same time.