Some engine bay bits that get lost to time

Over the 40+ years my MGB had been maintained and modified and then refurbished some bits were bound to get lost……. or left off!

Here are a few that I have “re” found ……. and this is just in the engine bay!

Bonnet rear upper seal – that is an bonnet mounted seal that gives extra protection against engine smells going down into the air vent in front of the windscreen.

Brake servo pipe and clips – mine came with a shortened pipe going directly from the engine to the servo with no p-clips to the bulkhead or servo bracket.

Bulkhead brake and clutch clips – when brake pipes etc have been replaced in the past the garage may not have located them in their original routes. Fortunately mine were in the correct place but most the p-clips had been omitted.

Radiator foam seal – very rarely see this on cars at shows etc. It stops the short circuit of air from going around the rad instead of through it.

Radiator overflow pipe and clips – most the overflow pipes of this era that I see are left dangling in mid air with a couple of cable ties. It should take the route shown above and below. There is a paper spacer along the side of the rad to prevent clips being bent. Note: there should be only 2 bolts on each side of rad, the 3rd was omitted in production at some earlier stage.

Bonnet to grill bump stops (2 off) – these often get omitted when grills are replaced perhaps on a RB to CB conversion.

Front bonnet release cable clip – a small p-clip just to give extra support to the bonnet release cable at the front.

Wing mounted fuel pipe – this had been replaced by running a longer plastic fuel pipe to the carbs. It’s purpose – I think – is as a fuel pipe diameter reducer as the pipes from the tank are 5/16″ dia and the carb inlet is 1/4″ dia.

Bulkhead fuel pipe clips (2 off) – originally missing on my motor but are fitted to guide and give the fuel pipe support along the back of the engine bay.

Oil pipe spacers (2 off) – earlier cars had 3 fitted along the oil cooler pipework.

Starter motor weather protector – not ever seen one on any other MGB. Most likely left off after removing starter motor or to get to wiring terminals which are very exposed to the weather. The secret is to heat the plastic cover in water which softens it making it much easier to refit.

Radiator Lower Cover – this cover was missing when on my car until I realised you are not supposed to see the ground in front of the rad after seeing pics of original engine bays. This particular cover was only used on early RB cars prior to rad moving forwards and was hard to find a replacement. It’s purpose to divert air from the front balance air intake through the oil cooler to the rad.