Parking sensors on an MGB !!!!

Can you spot them ……. the parking sensors?
Due to a neck whiplash injury a couple of years ago I sometimes struggle to twist all the way round especially if maneovering in a tight place. Now with the sensors it means I can get a bit closer to things rather than playing too safe and giving too much clearance.

The kit is easy to fit and gives an audible warning that increases in pulses the nearer you get to objects. It is powered from the reversing light into a small control box that fixes to the bodywork with adhesive pads beside the reversing light inside the boot

For only a few £ on eBay well worth the money. Rather than drilling holes in the rear balance I made a couple of brackets that attaches to the bolts that fix the over riders to the bumper.

If you’ve still not spotted them – the little black thing hanging just below the bumper between the over rider and the fog light.