Suspension Tuning – Understeer / Oversteer

Modifications to the suspension will normally affect the handling characteristics.
These terms are recognizable as follows:

Understeer:- The vehicle will tend to go straight on when the front wheels of the car are turned on lock; i.e, the slip angle of the front tyres is greater than thatof the rear.

Oversteer-The vehicle will tend to rotate when the front wheels are turned on lock; i.e. the slip angle of the rear tyres is greater than that of the front.

Factors tending towards understeer:

1. Stiffer front springs.

2.Fitting a front anti-roll bar, or increasing the diameter of bar.

3.Lower front suspension (premature contact of front bump stops).

4.Increasing rear tyre pressure above recommended figures.

5. Decreasing front tyre pressures.

Factors tending towards oversteer:

1. Stiffer rear springs.

2.Reducing size of front anti-roll bar, or fitting one to rear if available.

3. Raising front suspension (or renewing front springs if weakened).

4. Increasing front tyre pressure above recommended figures.

5. Decreasing rear tyre pressures.

6. Lowering rear suspension (premature contact of rear bump stops).

Taken from the MGB Special Tuning Booklet