Replacement Antiroll bar rubbers

Before I could fit the Ron Hopkinson rear anti Roll bars i needed to find some new rubbers. Took me a while to identify the coorect ones which are the same as fitted to the mk2 Astra.
Rob Hopkinson produced a suspension kit in the 90s for the MGB which comprised of a 7/8″ front anti roll bar with a rear anti roll bar which became very popular with the 1975 MGBs that left the factory with no anti roll bars front and back.

A previous owner had removed the rear ARB which apparently with such a stiff front 7/8″ ARB can cause understeer on a slippery road. The addition of the rear ARB will encourage oversteer rather than understeer giving a better chance of recovering the loss of control.


On CB MGBs and lowered RB cars understeer is less likely to occur with front ARBs less than 3/4″