Adjusting / re hanging the Passenger Door

Since i had the MG both doors did not close well and the gaps around the doors are very inconsistent with some corners protruding quite a bit. With time on my hands it seems a good time to get it sorted – or at least improved.

After exposing all the door adjusting screws and bolts it was a matter of manipulating the door – single handed hence all the levers – to where I wanted it. Basically trying to get a good balance of gaps and protrusions. Then tightening all the screws then testing how the door shuts.

I found that the door rubbers were preventing the door shutting properly and flush with the wings. I removed the trim and gently knocked back edge with the rubber hammer just a couple of mm. That did the trick.

End result not be absolutely perfect but a big improvement. Did a similar job on the drivers door. They close now a lot better than ever before without the effort I had to use before.

Generally use screws inside the door panel to the adjust the gap around the door – use the screws on the door pillar to adjust how the door lies flush to the body.