Radio Interference Suppression

Some would say a waste of time as you struggle to hear a radio in an MGB anyway – but during this period of isolation when I seem to have a lot of time on my hands then it’s something to do – and I’ve already got a handful of suppressors I got as part of a job lot from eBay recently.

Having already found an article that provided a lot of the detail information required I got started. See previous post at

Certainly any electric motor that has brushes could cause interference such as the heater blower motor, wiper motor even the windscreen washer motor.

The main cause of interference based on experience from cars I had in the 70s is from the ignition leads but today these are all non copper cored which resolves this problem. I am pretty sure that with electronic ignition that does away with the contact breaker spark then the coil may not really need to be suppressed – but it produces a strong electro-magnetic field so I’ll play safe and suppress it ……and it looks “period”.

The alternator needs to be suppressed . I used a scotchlok to attach it to the correct wire leading into the alternator. Before anyone says that’s not period apparently according to Google they were invented in the 1960s. I can certainly remember using them in the 1980s.

Finally an earthing strap from the bonnet to the body. Would have thought there were other existing routes for the bonnet to find earth but i had a length of earth strap that had been kicking around for years so i used that.