Checking Valve Rocker Clearance – again!

It’s not that long ago since i had previously checked the gaps but certainly at least one tappet has become a bit more noisier. This time prior to taking the rocker cover off i disconnected the accelerator cable from the carb as i reckon i kinked the cable last time in manoeuvring the cover off.

All the gaps seemed ok apart from one (no3) which was a good few thou too wide. Will need to watch that one – i know a PO had put in a new camshaft but there were no new cam followers on the receipt! Is one wearing faster than the others?

On reassembly i oiled the rubber seals around the rocker cover screws to lessen the turning friction caused by dry rubber. This enables me to feel how much i am tightening the cover to prevent over tightening but sufficient to make a seal.

See previous post about securing the rocker cover gasket making it a lot easier to position and fix at and my one of my favourite tools the clik-adjust tappet adjuster at