Spotlight ready!

I’ve had a pair of spotlights for a while waiting to be fitted but not sure whether it detracts from the MGs classic lines.

During this time of isolation when i seem to have a lot of time on my hands thought i would get the wiring sorted ready for fitting the lights when I’m ready.

The brackets are must some bent 15×3 bar with a couple of holes, one to fit the spots, one to suit the bumper mounting bolts to the chassis frame.

The switch filled a blanked off hole that is in the centre of the dashboard. The relay used existing wires in the loom meant for the heated rear window on the GT – being a roadster these wires were redundant.

The supply to the relay came from the main beam. This has not overloaded the circuit as i am using led lighting that uses about a quarter of the original amps.

So all ready to actually fit the spots which i shall do ready for the darker evenings in the autumn.

Please add any comments here .....

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