Heaterbox In – Rubber Bung Out!!

Another option to get the heater back in but leave out the rubber bung! I wonder whether the rubber “bung” thing does more than locate the vent tubes? will it not keep out engine bay fumes? Will be interested how it works out.

The MGB Project 2019

One of the oldest problems with MGB´s is the Heaterbox , well getting it back in the car at least. In this Model there is supposed to be a foam rubber thing attached to the back of the heater, which makes it almost impossible to get it slotted back in the car without damaging the paint. After a little research I discovered that the rubber thing has no real purpose other than holding the heater hoses in place. So I made this construction out of a couple of drain pipe elbows and a piece of angle bracket. Then I was able to do away with the rubber thing, which in many Peoples minds was an engineering failure anyway. Then it was quite easy to slot in the heater and attach the hoses.

Once that was done we got the rear axle mounted, here I replaced the old shocks with adjustable…

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