LHD to RHD Conversion Parts

Applies to Rubber Bumper Cars

This was a recent eBay item where all the parts to convert a LHD rubber bumper imported MGB were being sold to convert it to RHD.

Dashboard and top, console, steering column shaft and pedal box
Dash top and crash pad
Pedal box and mounting
Steering column entry
Front suspension and steering rack
Steering rack

A friend of mine used to import cars from USA where many good condition MGBs are available rust free ideal for restoration but it costs about £2000+ to import back to the UK.

Looks like a lot of work involved making me wonder whether it’s really worth it!

Update 22.5.2020 – On a recent trip to Belvoir Castle a lovely looking MGB arrived by chance into the car park. Chatting with the owner it turns out this was an American import and converted to RHD spec 26 years ago – it looked stunning with all its original panels and chrome wheels.

Apparently the CB cars are a lot easier to convert simply by swapping bolt on parts. The RB cars were made LH or RH and not so easily swapped over without a substantial amount of welding.