Oversize Diff Washers

Earlier in the year I replaced the diff washers to stop the diff clonk but they did not stop it completely. I got hold of some 10 thou oversize brass washers to replace the fibre washers. So now was a good time to replace them whilst the fuel tank was out.

The trickiest part of the job was again getting the gears back in aligned as both idle gears need to be inserted at the same time but one from the front and the other from the back. Got there after several attempts.

There is still some play in the gears but definitely less than before ….. hopefully less clonk.

Just as a precaution I left the jack under the axle because I don’t trust the axle straps. Although replaced earlier in the year they did not look as robust as the originals. If they snapped the axle and leaf springs would suddenly spring down a couple of inches!!…… I would not want my head to be near that.