Removing the MGB Steering Wheel

After fitting new track rod ends I realised I would need to have the tracking reset. So before that I wanted to check whether the steering was centralised – it wasn’t! From its straight ahead position there were about 1 1/4 turns one way and 1 3/4 turns the other – lock to lock.

I recently acquired a “pull” that was being given away so after trying to remove the steering wheel to no avail decided it was a good time to give it a try. The next problem was that the back of the steering wheel hub is tapered so the grips kept slipping ….. until I attached a suspension spring compressor across the legs to stop them spreading. Job done and steering wheel popped off.

I could now relocate the steering wheel on its splines so steering lock to lock was centralised. Also I had easy access to reset the indicator “cancel clip” to its new position to suit …… see the separate post.

If you’re lucky you won’t need to use a pulley extractor a firm pull with your hands each side of the wheel and shaking from side to side will often be enough to shift it. If you have a helper to whack the centre shaft with a hammer (protected with a piece of aluminium or copper) whilst you’re pulling will usually shift it. If not then the more extreme methods!