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Belvoir Castle Classic Car Show 2018

I’m a keen classic car enthusiast living near Nottingham – new to MGB’s but not new to classic cars in general.

Having always done my own car maintenance since I was a teenager as well as major engine removals on Minivans, VW beetles, Viva HB and then later a Montego VP estate – there’s not many jobs on a car I haven’t tackled. The more modern cars I have had needed servicing by the dealer to maintain their warranties!

As a hobby I rebuilt pretty well from scratch with a lot of welding work a Riley Elf Mk1 and a Reliant Scimitar which my wife used daily for many years (not both at the same time!) – I now wish I hadn’t sold them back in 2004.

So now as a retired engineer and looking for another project (although a running project this time) I bought an MGB Roadster at the end of 2017 which has kept me occupied in my spare time as well as being able to use it for days out and to visit shows.

This “blog” is a summary of the jobs I have done on the car, my thoughts and some associated topics of interest about MGBs and classic cars in general.

I have also spent a fair bit of time trying to trace the car’s history

I hope you find this blog interesting – you are welcome to contact me about any of my posts – especially to correct any errors or suggest improvements at


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