Tip – Oiling MGB Flywheel Pilot Bearing

The phosphor bronze bearing in the end of the crankshaft a hidden and often neglected little bearing …..but an important one. Perhaps the last time it received any lubrication was when the engine was put together in the factory.

It only comes into action when you put your foot on the clutch when the engine out put shaft (the crankshaft) turns at a different speed to the gearbox input shaft.

If it dries out or wears out it can cause all sorts of horrible sounding screaching noises when you change gear or start moving off.

Phosphor bronze bearings are porous and soaked in oil when new to absorb oil into it’s “pores”. IMO after 40+ years there is no harm in re oiling them.

If i could stand the engine up on end then it would be easy!….but not really possible. After cleaning the bearing with some turps i mackled up a piece of wood held in place with a couple of g clamps and a piece of old inner tube to form a seal. A small gap at the top to put oil in.

3in1 oil is best but in it’s absence i used 20/50 and left it a few days to soak.