Remote Boot Opener

Been playing around with this for a while.

  1. Removed the latch from the car.
  2. Drilled a 4mm hole in the actuating lever to take a cable grip same as used for mgb choke cable to carb.
  3. Then bent and drilled the support piece
  4. Found a cable mount from an old bike
  5. Used an mgb bonnet cable although it doesn’t have to be as long as that
  6. A lot of fiddling and adjusting and it works
  7. Needs something to lift the lid a bit when released or it will re lock. I used a bit of pipe insulation
  8. See to how i worked out how to release the boot when i pull the handle.
  9. Not sure how often I’ll use it but it has kept me busy quite a few hours.

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  1. was looking through your excellent tips &tricks page re boot tidy up, I also did the upside down spare wheel trick useful to store small items ,can’t imagine why Mr MG didn’t do it

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